Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kids Bookcase from Recycled Wood

Over the past few years we have acquired a lot of children's books for our three children. We've been using an old press-wood bookcase from my dad's office that I've used for years. It shelves have for years bowed underneath the weight of too many books. The laminate back is coming off. And the whole thing looks like it may collapse at any moment. I actually cut an "insurance" board to put under the one of the shelves in case it came down--it's in the picture on the lower left. In sum, for some time I've been meaning build a replacement shelf (with additional space for more books!).

One of the great things about OKC is that they have big junk day. You can put out almost any large trash on the curb once a month and the city will remove it free of cost. It's an opportune time to scavenge the reusable and recyclable. There is invariably the parade of working-class men driving trucks full of spoils and often following behind is the curate of All Souls. One day I found about a dozen pieces of 1X12 pine paneling that were being thrown out. Another time, a neighbor who was moving threw out a stack of 1X6s that he did not want to move.The paneling was superficially in pretty rough shape. They were almost completely covered with paint on one side and had numerous nail holes. I used a heat gun to remove the paint and a surface planer to clean up the 1X12s and 1X6s.

After a couple Saturdays in the garage and in the "barn", we have a new book case to move to our new home made entirely of. . . trash!

For any that might be interested in the tools and methods used to build this, please refer to this earlier post on a cd shelf.

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